Contact Officer, Jeff Way at 248-698-4400 for more information.

The Y.P.A. is a 30 hour instructional program designed to expose participating students to the qualifications, education, training, and personal dedication required of Law Enforcement Officers.  Over the course of the one week Y.P.A., students will be exposed to the various characteristics include, but are not limited to:




    Physical Fitness

    Good Decision Making

    and, Integrity


The Y.P.A. will also expose students to the      various skills needed by those that pursue the law enforcement field, including, but not limited to:


    Defensive Tactics

    Forensic Investigations

    Driving Safety

    Traffic Enforcement, and

    Team Building


Application to attend the 2018 Y.P.A. can be obtained through the White Lake Township Police Department, and Huron Valley Middle School main offices.